FIRST Stronghold- Beginning of Week 4 and end of Week 3 report

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We are halfway through build season! So far, we have a driving chassis that appears to handle very well, a successful feeder prototype, and 80% of the final construction completed for the production version. We also completed the catapult design and most of the field components built. (thank you parents) The tracking software is working great! and we’re excited to get that implemented (we need to mount the camera’s on the chassis). We exchanged our work progress with the other NASA teams, and by the look of it, we’re pretty far ahead in our tracking, vision strategy and implementation. Marketing wise, we submitted The Chairman’s Award and Woody Flowers’ Award essays, and the Entrepreneurship Submission is due next Thursday. The T-shirt design is complete so we’ll be sending it out this week to start coordinating with the printer. Engineering is all about encountering a problem and finding different ways to solve it. Although the drive train drives and maneuvers well on the carpet, we tried to drive over a couple of the simple defenses, and weren’t successful. The wheels are too far foward of the track belt pulley (see CAD model image) and there is too much play in the belt along the front angle and the lower line. The consequence is either we don’t contact the track first or the track deflects and catches on something else which makes it lose traction. We have several options for fixing it, all of which will likely involve moving or adding holes in the side plates, add slider strips and offset shaft positions, and likely some changes to pulley diameters. More updates are to come!

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