FIRST Stronghold- End of Week 5

  • CAD_catapult
  • robot_week5

Our robot is about 98% complete!! The catapult was finished and assembled but we need to hook up the controls and test it. We built the feeder troughs, but they still need mounting. The camera and ring light assemblies are complete and ready to mount, and we got the sprockets for the drive train EDM’d late Saturday. We need to swap out the chains for the small belts and pulleys that drive the main track (the belts are just slipping too much since they’re under pretty high load).  After numerous modifications to the drive train we’re now able to cross 4 of the 5 defenses without much difficulty; for the rough terrain we’ll need to modify the leading edge of the belly pan and hopefully that will be sufficient (Woo engineering process!) Software wise, we tuned the tracker algorithm and tested UDP messages between all 4 processors.  We also finished the laptop’s image viewer, an application that displays the gray images and the track geometry from the tracker computer. We submitted The Entrepreneurship award this week, we still need to make the Chairman’s award video but that’s not due until the competition.  The t-shirt printer has the images and should have a proof for us this week. Check back for more updates next week!!


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